Test User Interface Functionality

Browser Automation to Test User Interface Functionality

Testing is a vital component for any Web application or website. It’s throughout the processes of testing that errors and functionality issues are uncovered, which is an imperative process for the development and release of any digital platform. While most testing solutions are designed to isolate issues within the actual code level and server communications of a website or application, uncovering user interface, or UI, functionality is best done with browser automation software. UI testing offers a unique insight into how real-users will experience an application or website.

Why Use Browser Automation for UI Testing?

Even if your enterprise engages in various testing techniques, such as unit testing, UI testing is essential as it determines how real users will interact with your environment. UI testing overseen by browser automation software perfectly replicates the experience users will have in “real life,” which allows you to gain an accurate insight into the real functionality and the performance of your digital platforms. Another major benefit of automated UI testing is its ability to the test and review the functionality of complex levels that are commonly associated with eCommerce and content-rich websites or applications.

The aforementioned is just a sample of browser automation UI testing. The following advantages are universally beneficial for all enterprises – regardless of size and scope:

  • Cost Effective - The only comparable alternative to browser automated UI testing is manually testing the functionality of a website or application. While this is an effective way to test the user interface of an environment, it requires a significant amount of work, which can be costly. Browser automation software eliminates the cost associated with manually testing user interfaces, as once its tasks have been assigned, they are executed on a scale that would otherwise cost an enterprise thousands of dollars.
  • Reduced Time Draining - While user interface testing is an essential level of testing for any network, without browser automation software, this necessary task can take hours, days or weeks to gather the same amount of data as a single day of automation. Because of this system, many administrators are turning to automation as it not only reduces financial expenses related to testing, but the quantity of tests is at a much greater scale than manual testing.
  • Cross Browser/Platform Testing - Testing the user interface in major browsers and on multiple devices is essential to gain true insight. However, with manual testing, this can take hours of tedious work. Browser automation software is capable of running on multiple browsers and via multiple devices. This means you’re able to test the functionality and performance in a digital environment without having to manually navigate through multiple browsers and across multiple platforms. If you want true cross platform testing of your web apps, you might have to move to a more robust solution like a web application monitoring tool that can actually go out and test your code in real time to ensure that you aren’t having any issues, and if you are, help you to fix them.