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Top Free Cross Browser Automation Testing Tools

If you’re seeking to upgrade an existing digital environment, such as a website or Web application, or if you’re getting ready to deploy a new environment, testing is an essential component of the pre-deployment plan. While there are literally hundreds of various methodologies and tools available to test the functionality and performance of a digital environment, perhaps one of the most important out of all these tests is cross browser testing. Because users will access your site through a myriad of browsers, operating systems and devices, it’s essential to test the operation of your enterprise on as many platforms as possible. Throughout the assistance of browser automation software, this process is simplified. However, if your enterprise is low on funds, you may feel that this level of testing is out of reach. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The following browser automation tools are free to use and offer cross browser testing capabilities for all enterprises.

Spoon Browser Sandbox


One of the biggest issues many developers have when it comes to cross browser testing is having to manually install the most popular browsers. This can become a time consuming process while adding unnecessary weight to your operating system and computer. This is where Spoon Browser Sandbox becomes a handy tool. This free browser automation tool allows you to run almost every popular Web browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox. Moreover, this tool runs the latest versions of the aforementioned browsers, which ensures maximum compatibility with upgraded browsers. Simply create an account and begin testing your website or Web application through its online interface.

Learn More at: http://spoon.net/browsers/

IE NetRenderer


While there are several popular Web browsers, one of the most used browsers across all demographics is Internet Explorer. While this is one of the oldest and most trusted browsers, its popularity among users results in a wide array of versions accessing your website or Web applications. Therefore, when it comes to testing your enterprise, it’s essential that you test on all versions of Internet Explorer. IE NetRenderer is a free automated testing solution capable of testing the functionality of a website on almost every version of Internet Explorer. Once signed in, all you must do is select the version of Internet Explorer you’d wish to run and insert the URL of the website you wish to test. Within a matter of moments, you’ll receive detailed information regarding the rendering of your site and its components within that version of IE.

Learn More at: http://www.netrenderer.com/



BrowserShots is one of the most effective free automatic cross browser testing solution on the current market. Within its interface, users are able to test the functionality of a website within practically any browser based upon almost every operating system. If you truly wish to understand how users view and interact with your website based upon their browser and OS, this is a must-have tool within your arsenal. Users are able to run browser compatibility tests based upon unique customization options, such as enabling or disabling specific settings or monitoring unique elements of the page. Its simplicity is among the greatest in the industry. Users simply input their URL into the search field and select the various pre-set parameters. Almost immediately upon submission, you’ll receive detailed insights regarding the functionality of your site based upon the user’s browser and operating system. This is an excellent tool for those seeking swift answers to their browser compatibility questions. One thing to consider with this though is that rendering is great, but if you’re looking to test your code in real time, you might need to schedule your tasks using some kind of browser automation service┬áthat can help troubleshoot active problems with your code so you can tackle problems as they happen.

Learn More at: http://browsershots.org/